Principal’s Message


The school that was, is, and will always be! There is joy in everything that you aspire to do which results in inspiring others. I joined this school as a Mathematics/ Biology/Agriculture teacher in 1988 when I was also a young mother. I have seen the school grow and students come and go having changed both morally and academically to become what it can be considered an all round individuals ready to face challenges of life. I was the first teacher allocated the responsibility of conducting counseling sessions in the school because of the great need for moral and character building at the time. This was a very challenging task especially dealing with boys and girls from diverse backgrounds. As the deputy head from for 11 years (1988 - 1999), under the


leadership of Mrs. Helen Kernel, the former principal who was also my mentor we helped to bring up very disciplined boys and girls in the school. We consulted each other in everything we did. Other teachers have also been equally helpful in this regard. Those were very challenging times as I was the only H.O.D. and deputy head for a very long time.

I took over the school as the principal in January 2000 when

Mrs. Helen Kemei retired. This school has a very bright future if the current trend of aiming higher in academics, co-curricular activities and high discipline is maintained. Without these virtues, the school cannot achieve much.

The motto: "You never fail until you stop trying" has

been my guide, especially when encouraging teachers and students. The teachers have been very supportive in implementing school policies.

All through the years, we have had very supportive Board of Governors chaired by Engineer A.S. Kitololo, who has been a board member since the school began and who will be remembered for master minding the great plan and construction of the whole infrastructure of Buru Buru Girls.

He took over from Hon. Franklin Bett who was the first B.O.G.

Chairman from 1986 - 1999. Engineer Kitololo with his Engineering firm has provided free Professional Consultancy since the initiation of the school. May God bless him and his family for his support.

We have also had very supportive P.T.A. members over the years, through which the parents have been very instrumental and positive in all aspects. The workers and support staff have also been very supportive. All these have therefore generated

a conducive environment which has ensured a positive growth of our school to its magnificent status and good reputation we enjoy in Eastlands.

Our well wishers like the churches, institutions of higher learning and the primary schools have greatly inspired us by their encouragement, prayers and at times financial support. Just to mention but a few, the A.I.C.


Jericho, Blessed Sacrament Church Buru Buru, Buru Buru Institute of Fine Arts , S.D.A. Church Jericho, S.O.S., Buru Buru 1 Primary School, Kongoni Primary School, Happyland Academy, Ofafa Jericho High School and the Metropolitan Hospital.

In Buru Buru Girls, we work as a team, and it is in doing this, that the whole of Buru Buru Girls Community aspire to do the best so as to leave Buru Buru GirlsSchool a better place for the future generations.

Through God�s grace we have seen several projects come to completion. It is my prayer that those who will join Buru Buru Girls in future will make it their asset.

My greatest challenge is to have the teachers and the students appreciate that I mean best for them even when the situation is very challenging and demanding and while at this state to achieve the highest academic success in a comfortable atmosphere.

May God give us grace to feel inspired, even when hope seems elusive.

Be blessed.

Mrs. Consolata M. Kimuya



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