The school curriculum has got a wide range of subjects. These include: English, Kiswahili, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, History, CRE, Agriculture, Home science, Business studies, French, Music and Computer studies. The department organizes internal examinations and also coordinates the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) in the school.
The students sit for two Continuous Assessment Tests (C.A.T) every term and one main exam at the end of the term. Each C.A.T accounts for 15 per cent marks while the main exam accounts for 70 per cent. The department also organizes for an academic assembly after every assessment to review on the performance and motivate those students who have excelled, and improved in different subject areas. The assembly is also used to caution those whose performance dropped.
Buruburu has come a long way and its performance has been improving gradually as indicated in the graph. From the provincial KCSE analysis,
the school has emerged in positions 13-16 in the past five years. We have taken lead positions in some subjects such as C.R.E, Agriculture and accounting.
The improvement in performance shown by the students is a reflection of the commitment and team work among the teachers and other staff. Besides the adequate teaching and learning resources, the board has provided a suitable teaching and learning environment. The department organizes for open days where parents are invited to discuss
the performance of their children will teachers. This is done once ever year in each class except form tw< which is conducted twice a year.
Talks on career are held in conjunctior with guidance and counseling. The department guide students on subjec choices for different careers.
Remedial classes are organized foi slow learning students at the teachers convenient time. In form four, the remedial class runs from 7am tc Sam every day. Due to the individua attention offered at remedial classes, some students have improved their performance tremendously.
The performance in Math and science subjects has been some slight improvements. We hope that with the SMASSE concepts and the school's approach to slow learners, the performance will improve further.
The positive attitude of most students towards the subjects has made teaching and learning interesting and more meaningful. We pray to God almighty to continue showering us with His Blessings as we count and name our blessings one by one.
Johnstone Omamo, HOD Academics


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