There is an external power that people seek which can enable them to be in control of things. This is a power that can excite and make people to riot or be calm. The provision of such power brings about progress. Nevertheless, if this is withheld, people retard and retrogress. Power is a fundamental need to every human being, just as energy is to machines. Without it, humans cannot operate. This power is "INFORMATION".
Information is an important resource crucial in advancement of knowledge, decision making and technology transfer. National programmes cannot succeed without information. Research too which aims at providing solution to problems require information. We get information through acquiring the most relevant current and retrospective information materials for the purpose of supporting present, anticipated needs of an institution. In the present developing world, where Libraries are essential,
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Buruburu Girls library is not an exception. The main aim of the library is to acquire information relevant to the users and organize them through processing for easy dissemination and retrieval. The library also exists to supplement the needs of the library users with more current information. The library is open to all students, teaching and non-teaching staff. Registration is free and thus, borrowing of reading materials is limited to non-registered library members.
In actual fact, the importance of every library is determined by the quality and quantity of information materials contained in their collection. The library is equipped with books and periodicals, some of which were donated by our well wishers. However, the library has a capacity of 50 students per lesson. Every class has a Library lesson once a week. During this period, students are allowed to conduct their research and other studies with the help of the librarian. The
teachers also opt to use the library and its materials while conducting their research for class lessons and other uses.
Currently the library has the following sections: Reference, reserve and the circulation desks. Lending and all other technical activities like cataloging classification are done at the circulation desk. Abstracting and indexing of dailies is also done at this section.However, the school is currently in the process of equipping the library with modern technology through the installation of computers. With this, students will be able to search for the materials within the library and for new information through .the internet. The systems will also ease the librarians work.
With the cooperation of students, teachers, non teaching staff and parents, our vision will come true. This will lead to our schools excellence.

Kawira Njeru, School Librarian

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